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It's not easy to match fabric, trims or even threads from a computer screen.  Here we have a list of the top 90+ shades from the Gutermann Sew All range. But as you know there are MANY more available. If the colour number is there, simply add it to your shopping cart. Simples!!

If you can't see the number you want or indeed need a thread to match the fabric you are buying, then simply choose the THREAD MATCHING option.  

We will select the best possible colour match to the main colour of your fabric. Please note that if there is not a match in Sew All, we may look at the Cotton Thread shades. On rare occasions we cannot find a match, we will contact you.

If you have a preference to the colour matching on multi-coloured fabric please state the preferred colour you want us to match to, in the ‘Special Instructions for Seller’ box in your basket. Otherwise we will pick a colour of thread that we feel blends in best.

100 mt REEL

Gütermann creativ Sew-all Thread is the right sewing thread for all fabrics and seams. It is outstandingly suitable both for machine and hand sewing, irrespective of the type of stitch ‒ this sew-all thread is equal to any challenge.


  • for all materials and seams
  • for sewing with the sewing machine and by hand
  • no thick and thin locations, optimal stitch security
  • for lock and step seams
  • for overlock and safety seams
  • for buttonholes and for sewing on buttons
  • for fine ornamental stitches and decorative seams
  • recommended needle and needle size: Universal Needle NM 70 - 90
100% Polyester


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