Freezer Paper


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13 1/3yards x 15inches  (approx 12mt x 40cm)

Freezer paper is good for wrapping your freezing goods, but it is even better for making stenciled clothing!
Ideal for general arts and crafts. Perfect for templates to quilt, piece or applique. The shiny side can be lightly adhered to fabric using a hot iron to create templates whilst keeping the original pattern intact. Plastic coated.

How do you use Freezer Paper?
If you lay the plastic-y side down, and then heat it up with an iron (no steam), it sticks to the surface you have ironed it to. So be careful not to iron it with the smooth plastic side up, or it’ll stick to your iron and cause a mess.
After you have used it as a stencil, you just peel it right up. It is such a light adhesion, that it doesn’t leave any residue on your fabric. It peels up very easy. But if you’re painting over the stencil, the plastic-y coating also protects the fabric from anything seeping through

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