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Getting started on your next quilting project but overwhelmed when it comes to choosing fabrics? With so many options out there it’s easy to get confused! This is where pre-cut fabric bundles can save the day.

Jelly rolls, Charm packs and Layer cakes can take the stress out of choosing fabrics and even reduce your cutting time - leaving you free to get started on your project. But what are these pre-cuts, I hear you ask? And how can they help me? Read on to find out more. Pre-cut fabric bundles generally contain a coordinating set of fabrics from a particular range or colour way. This means you are guaranteed to have fabrics that work well together and are of the same weight and quality. The most common types of pre-cut (and the ones we generally stock!) are jelly rolls, charm packs and layer cakes. images (1) imagestole_christmas_PP__43652.1436491941.1280.1280 Jelly Rolls contain 40 strips of fabric at 2½" wide. That works out to about 2½ metres of fabric in total. Layer cakes are pre-cut 10” squares, and there are usually 42 in a pack. Again, that’s about  2½ metres of fabric. Charm packs are essentially mini versions of layer cakes. They consist of 42 squares, 5”by 5”. Each type of pre-cut lends itself to particular types of patchwork designs, but there are plenty to choose from. The staff here at Fabric Focus are fans of Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials on, and the MODA Bake Shop. Here, you will be inspired by the many different uses of each type of pre-cut.

For Jelly rolls, Missouri’s Jelly roll race 2, Lovely Leaves quilt or Flying geese log cabin are perfect! (Click on each to go to the page)


Charm Packs are ideal to create the Zip it up Quilt, Inner Tube Quilt, or the Pixie Sticks Quilt.


The Mountain Blossoms Quilt, Chainlinks quilt and Noted quilt are made easy with Layer Cakes!

DSCN1490-800x525ChainlinksMBScoverimage-882x102424133c28-4bd0-31cd-a76f-d932e462c595 These are just a few examples of the many variations out there. With both the MODA bake shop and Missouri Star quilt Co there are illustrated tutorials online to help you through each step, as well as this Missouri Star also upload new tutorials on every Friday to show you how it’s done! We are always aiming to make things easier for quilters here at Fabric Focus, and with that in mind we have recently become stockists for the Missouri Star quilt company. This means we are able to offer you templates to make your favourite designs and illustrated pattern booklets you can use again and again.   So what are you waiting for? It's never been easier to start a new quilting project! The team at FabricFocus x   Browse PRE-CUTS in our online shop! JELLY ROLLS      CHARM PACKS       LAYER CAKES


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