2015: All Sewn Up

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  How many New Year's Resolutions did you make and actually keep last year? Whether its promising to eat more healthily, make friends with your gym membership or to spend more quality time with yourself; New Year's Resolutions are tough to stick to.   So let's make 2015 different. Let's make our resolutions something to look forward to. Why not make a promise to make more presents than you buy this year? Or try to master a new fabric you haven't tried before? Or even better- sign up for a dressmaking or quilting course and learn a completely new skill.   We're always on hand to help out if you need advice on working with a new fabric, and even offer classes in store if you'd like extra guidance!   Keep an eye out here on our blog for posts that will give you lots of tips and tricks about fabrics, patterns, techniques and trends; and our Facebook page should inspire you to create with our latest ranges of fabric!   New Years Resolutions have never been more fun! What will you make? X


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